Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tooth and consequences

We were going to hold off the new band stuff until after this end of year business is out of the way, but when someone sends you an exclusive home recorded version of their new single actually tagged for your benefit, you have to take action.

The band in question are My First Tooth, who we briefly discussed back in May, but if you're too lazy to follow that link, "Their emotional alt-folk/country takes the Wilco expansive route... fitting in just as well with the post-Neutral Milk Hotel party (Decemberists, Okkervil River) and topped by Ross Witt's yearning vocals." They have a new EP out this week, Margaret Yen (full details) (via Alcopop!), which is splendid, as is this abbreviated musical box version:

Margaret Yen - Sweeping The Nation from My First Tooth on Vimeo.

This is on the EP too:

My First Tooth - Judge And Jury

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