Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December will be magic again

Long time readers will know this is the point at which reason and whimsy take a distant second to hard graft, as tomorrow we commence the longeurs of the STN Top 50 Albums Of 2009 in their detailed review states. Alongside that there's the usual best track lists, reviews of old Christmas charts, festive telly and whatever else we can fill a post with, all leading up to New Year's Eve's traditional essay on what we've learnt this year. Or, this time round, this decade. That'll be "fun". (And then there's the fifth annual UK Blogger Album Of The Year poll and the latest Class Of... tips for the year ahead Covermount, after which 2010 lays out before us like a great shoe with its lights on)

The chief point of this post, apart from a warning for the faint hearted and thrillseeking to come back in January when it's safe? Well, we've re-uploaded our A Very Sweeping Christmas four-'disc' set, giving time over to a revision with some new tracks unearthed in the last couple of years now included. Grab your festive tuneful fun from here.

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