Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tracklist: Sisterland - Walking Wounded

Although based in Leicester - said this the other week, we know, but that's a city that's going to have a big year this year, though we've thought this for at least two of the last six years - Sisterland (who did some rounds as Dysneyland at the end of last year before, well, guess) are connected to the infernal Blessing Force and play the collective's weekend long Warehouse Party somewhere in Oxford on 12th-13th February. Jonquil, Fixers, Rhosyn, Pet Moon, Chad Valley, all that lot. A sculptor is also listed. Back to the matter at hand, this debut single, out next week on the occasionally venerable Fear & Records, distorts crunchy guitars into Sub Pop shapes like Male Bonding with the thermostat turned down a tad, an insistent bounce/strut that pays little mind to whatever's in its path.

Walking Wounded by fearandrecords

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