Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You thought you saw a shooting script

And now we've officially run out of tortuous puns based on Johnny Foreigner titles.

So to new business from the aforementioned hyperBrums with gin for blood. Earlier on today they open source released a video for Harriet By Proxy off last year's You Thought You Saw A Shooting Star And That EP, directed by one J Matthew Nix around Chicago. Saam Faded Glamour chose to do the uploading honours, and here it is.

If we caught recent Facebook and Formspring posts correctly they're planning live business in April/May - we're waiting, especially after the Sub91 fiasco - and an album is being written and will be in the offing once Alexei has cased the requisite Securicor van so they can afford to record it/live (delete as appropriate). We could have asked him about their actual plans when we were offered an interview the other week, but that's what you would have expected us to do.

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