Friday, January 07, 2011

Nature boy

We were going to put this in Tracklist, but not only are new things moving too fast to find room for it but the video was released in July. We may have only found out about it over new year, but for a new music label it'd be taking the piss a bit. It's Otley's most idiosyncratic, David Thomas Broughton, who put his loop pedals into storage that same month and went travelling across Asia, unknown date of return, not only denying us his remarkable avant-live show but leaving behind an unreleased album titled Outbreeding. No word on whether that will ever find a home, but we do have a new song, Nature, and corresponding video. The presence of a rhythm section may necessarily dilute the seat of the pants ride of its live incarnation, but that richest of Yorkshire baritones and most end-of-the-bar self-flagellation remain.

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