Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sing! Autoharpy

Why does the male vocal harmony bit in this...

...turn in our head into this?

Not the same rhythm or anything. The latter is an old Toshiba advert in which Vivian Stanshall alters his own Terry Keeps His Clips on; the former is the especially great new PJ Harvey single The Words That Maketh Murder, from her Valentine's Day released album Let England Shake. We'd have this in Tracklist in a flash if it wasn't backed up for a full fortnight, and also our Polly deserves better in a way so here it is especially. Lest we forget this is what she chose to premiere last April in front of Gordon Brown, Andrew Marr and a current affairs inclined nation - an autoharp played in a different key to the Four Lads sample it overlays, although apparently that didn't make it to the album version.

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