Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tracklist: Sharks Took The Rest - Restaurant

Tyneside septet Sharks Took The Rest are led by Beccy Owen, in her other life a member of the north-east's trad folk upsurge whose last solo album featured a guest spot for Kate Rusby and was supported by Radio 2, winning over Elvis Costello in the process. Her band's debut EP Grounds For Hearts To Swell, out on 14th February, double tracked frontloads her none more English swoon but places it in a jumpy, self-faulting story setting. The song's gloriously arranged and produced around her, pizzicato strings as restless as the lyrical notion, acoustic fingerpicking and hand percussion fading in and out of focus. Gorgeously subtle, gloriously nuanced.

Restaurant by sharkstooktherest

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Lee said...

Discovered these guys recently. Their debut EP is a joy. Read my full review here!