Friday, January 28, 2011

Tracklist: Thomas Truax - January Egg Race Dream

If you know Wowtown's finest at all it's for his absolutely singular live show, Hornicator, Sister Spinster and all. Yet his last record was a selection of David Lynch soundtrack covers. A Lynchian disquiet in suburbia pervades onto the first release from his Twelve Months/Twelve Tracks project ("a living, mutating organism taking place in twelve intervals over 2011. Tracks will be informed by any number of things: the vibe, feeling, texture, atmosphere of the changing seasons, the expanding and contracting lengths of days and nights, weather, news, dreams, personal or world events as they unfold. I'll respond to these with a piece that will be created, produced and released within the window of each month.") Truax retreats to evocatively odd spoken word as bits of piano and dislocated noises evolve seamlessly into orchestrated creeping menace, a film score for the darkest woods. Nothing to do with Heinz Wolff.

January Egg Race Dream by Thomas Truax

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