Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tracklist: Jack Hayter - I Stole The Cutty Sark

Jack Hayter, once of Hefner among others, has a voice so rotting and lived in he could apply for a government grant for its restoration. Early days in 2011, we know, but it'll probably the only song this year which will set itself by singing a fisherman's lament over theremin, we'll say that. The timbre, harmonica and what sounds like wheezing pump organ accordion suggests one rural-high seas thing, the cavalcade of other instruments, whether warped pedal steel, weird electronic noise or unidentifiable metallic banging, places him in a landlubber mad folk scientist's shed. It's actually a defeated love song disguised as drunken piratical lament. Sucky Tart EP, the rest of which keels from Richard Hawley lover's balladry to keening death march, is out on Audio Antihero on the 31st.

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