Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tracklist: Elephant - Ants

Starting off with a track we have listed back in the days of Playlist Additions, but as it's out properly through Memphis Industries on the 17th January it won't hurt to plug it again. Sharing some submerged summer balm with the more hyped Cults, the liberal delay effects and... is that a squeezebox? Anyway, while it sounds as much like it'd be at home on one of those Swedish cottage industry indies, it's also sinister in cagey intent and carries a depth of feeling which makes it surprising, as much to the singer by this token, that they should be sounding as close as they do to enjoying themselves. Think a less gingham Au Revoir Simone or fellow London-based duo Summer Camp deprived of Fleetwood Mac CDs and John Hughes DVDs.

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