Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to work

A changing of the calendar brings with it a time to start afresh. No, not in the 'put to rest' sense, though don't think that didn't cross our minds once or twice when we put another thousand words into the blogosphere to be met by apparent stony facedness. Anyway.

We've always posted about new and current music and the best tracks of that type, but often at several days' remove. So in place of the Myspace links and Playlist Additions and all that, what we're going to inaugurate tomorrow is Tracklist - a first thing daily post of a single track you ought to know about and why. Not that there'll be a lot of direct downloads if any at all, but think of it as a reaction to those mp3 blogs that hoy up anything they get with just a couple of sentences copied off the press release that tell you nothing about why you should care. Brand new bands or latest albums from established names, it'll all grist to the mill.

That doesn't mean we'll scrimp all that much on the usual mess of other stuff, that'll just fit round it, but consider Tracklist a quick stop guide to something to work through your day by that works in parallel to all that rot. This weekend, for instance, a full ton of reasons why you should look forward to 2011's myriad delights. Are you with us?

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