Sunday, June 05, 2011

Watch the Sunday gang (not) in Harajuku

Your Sunday afternoon viewing, or of whenever you see this link, is a BBC Scotland documentary made in 1999 on Belle & Sebastian. Making a documentary about a band who by and large still wanted to exist in the shadows is something of an undertaking so it ends up quite piecemeal, here a Ray Brooks-voiced, Duglas T Stewart from BMX Bandits-penned cartoon strip of their backstory, there the interviews with whichever members that would come forwards (none of whom are Stuart. Or Isobel. Or Stevie) and associates. Literally, in Alan Rankine's case. Directorial quirks include extreme close-ups of Mark Radcliffe's face. Archive recordings contain Isobel attempting a joke.

And if you've still got time after that, for as long as it's up on iPlayer you must see Friday's BBC4 documentary Bird On The Wireless, Annie Nightingale reflecting on 40 years on Radio 1 and the pop culture that ran parallel.

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