Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tracklist: HowAboutBeth - Robot Boy

Well now. We can tell you about HowAboutBeth - it's the soubriquet of Beth Mburu-Bowie, who's pretty much covered all bases - sung with Pink Floyd (!), studied with the English National Opera, toured with The Heavy and was briefly in the Pipettes. Describing the music from her experimental-pop Rabid Ballads project is a completely different matter without recourse to heading through a looking glass. Bjork's fantasy world/spirit of pop adventure is close enough, with Mburu-Bowie's softly soulful voice against what sounds like kalimba and all sorts of looped, dislocated effects and samples before synth strings make a late bid for grandiosity in the tranquil. Peculiar, yet unputdownable. And she tells us she has a song about R Kelly's illegal urination. More should be revealed with a proper release in the autumn; before then she plays Outside:Inside Festival, a day-long event acros Reading on 23rd July (also featuring Summer Camp, Alessi's Ark, Dutch Uncles, Pope Joan, Flashguns and Kid Carpet among many others) and Favela Chic, EC2 on the 27th.

Robot Boy (JAN 2011) by HowAboutBeth

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