Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tracklist: Paisley & Charlie - Stone Lions

We've been following Paisley Pattenden and Charlie Darling for a while now, at least since they were trading as Detox Cute & The Beauty Junkies. Not closely enough to notice that this came out a month ago - genuinely, we had this week written down as release date due to an awry PR email - but better late than never and all that. The reason why it's better to write about this single at some stage is that it's a sumptuous, romantic piece of coastal ennui in the morning dew/summer rain that reaches out to Bobby Wratten in Trembling Blue Stars mode, Bob Stanley's arch lounge pop sample collection (and sentimentalism of London) and a nod at the Sundays' Here's Where The Story Ends.

Paisley & Charlie -Stone Lions by StephenHarvey

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