Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tracklist: Shirley Lee - Maidenhead

A new track by the man who gave this blog a name? Yeah, colour us interested. Winter Autumn Summer Spring, Lee's second album while Spearmint are on hold, is a thirty track double concept set about "a couple heading from Britain to San Fransisco to marry. At the same time a stranger is making the same journey to end his life at the Golden Gate Bridge, their paths cross and the story unfolds through the album." Oh Shirley, you and your big concepts. Rather marvellously, this downbeat, spare consideration of mortality which opens "I think about death because that's what men think about" is track one.

Shirley Lee - Maidenhead by Sturdy Records

Bonus material: Shirley also likes a good list in a lyric, as exhibited in last month's self-explanatorily (especially if you know the John Walters dedication story) titled single An Old Cricketer (For John Peel).

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