Friday, June 10, 2011

Tracklist: Evans The Death - Threads/I'm So Unclean

Not often, as in not at all before now, we post two tracks on the same post, but as this is a double A-side out 4th July on the mighty Fortuna Pop! we feel justified. Additionally it's a band we're seeing great things in the future for, Clapham/Chelmsford's Evans The Death exhibiting two songs crashing none-shall-pass C86 that roared that total four and a half minutes. The first features a feedback frenzy just under the crust and actually appears to be about the titular nuclear war drama, the second a frantic garage college rock juggernaut that gets a shot of downers before it can go too far into its spasms. All the while, Katherine Whitaker emotes plantively with the best of them.

Evans the Death - I'm So Unclean (Fortuna Pop!) by Independent Label Market

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