Monday, June 27, 2011

A grand day out: Alcopopalooza III

First there was Alcopopalooza, then there was Alcopopalooza II, now there is another one of it. Alcopop!'s third annual second Saturday in July get-together, BBQ, DJs, a Mega Drive with NBA Jam set up, puts a load of bands in Brixton Windmill and a load of singers in its garden. This year also marks the label's combined fiftieth release and fifth birthday, for which they're also putting out a compilation CD on 4th July with accompanying jacket (!), the splendidly and all-encompassingly titled We Grew Up On A Diet Of Jurassic Park And Sensible Soccer (And All We've Got Left Is This Lousy Record Label).

Johnny Foreigner
Oh, you know. As of a couple of weeks ago album three/four/however many those Bandcamp compilations add was 95% recorded and 60% mixed - their approximations - meaning ample opportunities for Alexei to blow up his amp head again cannot be far away. Look, here's one of the new songs now.

My First Tooth
Northampton folk-pop collective MFT may on paper have made for surprising JoFo support (they're also touring with Athlete in July), but when we saw them in Milton Keynes at Easter despite no great musical similarity their energy and bounciness where you might not think much possible given the poignancy of the material.

Shoes & Socks Off
Tobias Hayes releases an album once every crescent moon, it seems. Number five will in fact be out in late summer/autumn, but with a proper lyric book also imminent it's not as if he'll be short of material to pick at the emotional scabs with in ire-driven stream of consciousness style.

ALSO: Alcopop! old stagers The Attika State and Ute, LightGuides, Jumping Ships and Delta/Alaska, none of whom we know anything about. Outside, as well as SASO, the draw is an acoustic debut for "two piece atheist rock band" Hymns, who we'll describe more in a couple of days.

Calendar: 9th July
Tickets: £9 from WeGotTickets

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