Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A grand day out: Sweet Beans Festival

Sweet Beans are some newish London promoters, Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane is their domain, and they're filling it for a day of their favourite people. Can't ask for much clearer than that.

Her Name Is Calla
The Calla live experience is as full of roaring peaks and delicate troughs as their music and general emotional state, epic in a way that you'd thought had been drilled out of that word by overuse. Sheets of chaos and pindrop quiet are natural bedfellows in a mighty live sound that will show why they're natural headliners for such an event. Tom Morris will earlier be giving his own broken emotional songs a solo set.

Tall Ships
The humble loop pedal has had a lot of airtime these last few years, whether KT Tunstall taking it to the mainstream through sundry solo guitarists confusing themselves right through to David Thomas Broughton's singularities. Tall Ships take it to the math-pop quintessence, looping intricate guitar parts and synth drones over clattering grooves that wander all over the shop in compressed gloriousness. They've recently been supporting We Are Scientists. Que?

Ecclesiastical suggestions be damned, except in occasional reference. Hymns are Samuel Manville, once of Blakfish, and Peter Reisner, never of Blakfish. They claim to be interpreting modern classical in the garage rock duo idiom. What that translates as is a precise rocket launch of noise and conviction.

ALSO: Lots of instrumental powerhouses, the sturm und drang of Talons, intense complexities of Brontide, the heavy elasticity of You Slut!, the twin engine assault of Nitkowski and the languid power of Rumour Cubes among them. The ever available Hold Your Horse Is, Jumping Ships and Ute are here, as is Shoes And Socks Off, while Nicholas Stevenson and Katie Malco are among the acoustic alernative.

Calendar: 10th July
Tickets: £15 from WeGotTickets

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