Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A grand day out: 1234 Shoreditch

A "future rock'n'roll" all-dayer with no end of corporate branding and heavy support from Vice magazine set in a park in Hoxton. It sounds like a living hell. Last year, with Peter Hook doing his Joy Division variety show, a 60s garage covers band featuring Bobby Gillespie, Glen Matlock and Zak Starkey, and These New Puritans managing less than half a song before technical snafus and rigid timeslots intervened, it might actually have been so.

The Raveonettes
Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo have kind of dropped back into the pack over their last couple of albums, now their monomanaical fuzzy garage with cheekbones schtick has been subsumed by so many others. They can still make a live racket, though, not only utilising the chemistry between the front two but recently incorporating two drummers.

Damo Suzuki
He is Damo Suzuki. The former Can leader now likes to play with scratch improvised backing for ages from what he terms his 'sound carriers' based on whoever's available. So basically freakouts, jamming stumblings and general shamanic pulsations. This is just a recentish example we found.

Fair Ohs
Having started off as a grotty sub-120 second hardcore fuzz band, Fair Ohs subsequently went all hi-life tropical. Given to wearing shorts and no shoes onstage as it apparently aids the dancing, their serrated version of Afropop plays off something slightly too together for slipshodness but nowhere near thought out to the last degree either.

ALSO: Clearly nobody has heard of most of these bands, which means we only have their self-penned bios on the official site to go on, which are rarely much of an outright clue to anything. As such Novella's idea they "sound like beach fatigue" comes with a warning siren, but who wouldn't be won over by Chapter Sweetheart's aiming high declaration of being "a musical collective brought to you from the streets of Hitsville that every so often bring you 20 minutes of fine and affordable live entertainment and a string of self penned recordings." (They actually sound like a car crash in progress) Otherwise Black Lips bring their ideas of fun, The Chapman Family wind everyone up, Echo Lake reverberate, Electricity In Our Homes hammer, Warm Brains are the new band of producer to the lo-fi stars Rory Attwell, The King Blues can fuck off, Two Wounded Birds do surf, Christian Aids and Becoming Real get the bloggers going and Lydia Lunch does what she does because she's Lydia Lunch.

Calendar: 9th July
Tickets: £22.50 from WeGotTickets

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