Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A grand day out: Bushstock

The Communion club nights have been operational in London since 2006. Run by Ben Lovett (one of the & Sons) and Kev Jones, the international network has now expanded to nine monthly nights over three continents and a label that has just issued The Flowerpot Sessions, 23 tracks recorded live over a week in the now defunct Kentish Town venue. To celebrate Communion are taking over four Shepherds Bush venues - St Stephen's Church, Shepherds Bar, The Goldhawk and Ginglik - for a Saturday and putting on thirty or so of their favourite people, including...

Having been at the back of quite a long queue outside Nottingham Rescue Rooms on Sunday, we can confirm that Guillemots, for as far as they've drifted from a mainstream that was only ever tentative towards them until Fyfe did that advert cover, are still hugely popular. No wonder, they've always been an inventive live act, the layered opulence and power ripped into by MC Lord Magrao's guitar white noise.

Peggy Sue
As you'd expect from the backgrounds of the people behind Communion there's a pop-folksy tinge to a lot of this bill, full of the sort of people who a couple of years ago were touted to become big by people who didn't really know what pop kids wanted any more. Peggy Sue's album Fossils And Other Phantoms was too fragile for mainstream acceptance, too much excoriation of tangled love. Highly promising, it was, and they break off from preparing a second full-length to join in here.

Marques Toliver
The Toliver backstory, a hugely talented New York busker thrust into the Brooklynite limelight and from there allowed to deliver his classically trained abilities to the world, features some strange and unexplained diversions - Kyp Malone booked him into a studio immediately upon seeing him? He was given the money to move to London by Daisy Lowe? Whatever, it's the music, stupid, and Toliver's richly soulful voice, cracked writing and mastery of the violin and loop pedal make him stand out some distance.

Kill It Kid
Just shy of their second album, Kill It Kid are a heck of a live force. Their delta blues stomp and Chris Turpin's almighty grit-hewn voice are imperious enough on record, but in person the raucous, crashing dramatics take on no end of edge and passion.

Things are taking off for Elena Tonra; with support from Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens and Tom Robinson behind it Landfill, the lead track from her His Young Heart EP, got playlisted by 6 Music and she has a track on the Communion CD on the front of the current Mojo. Seems her emotionally raw and intimately haunting tales are striking all sorts of chords. She's on first in the church at 2pm, far too much down the bill for where she's heading.

ALSO: Australian psych-folk fast risers Cloud Control, odd bod psych-electro-quirk-folkie-MC King Charles, Anglo-American harmonisers Treetop Flyers, Lamacq raves Tom Williams and the Boat, rousing Dananananaykroyd support Flashguns. Is there really a band called Cattle And Cane?

Calendar: 4th June
Tickets: £27.50 from MusicGlue

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Of course there is a band called Cattle & Cane - I'm guessing its from the Go-Betweens song.