Monday, November 23, 2009

Noughties By Nature #91: Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans

When it happened, it came as a bit of a shock. Even although it's probably my favourite song on my favourite album of this decade. Even although I always find the lyrical mix of Sufjan's family bonfire and the religious apocalypse heady and intoxicating. The sparse banjo plucking and Sufjan's breathy vocals get the tingles going right from the start, and when the song fades away then builds towards the climax of "He will take you if you run / he will chase you / For he is the Lord" it slays me every time. But one morning a few months ago, standing on the Northern Line platform at Bank Station, with the song playing in my earphones I was experiencing the usual emotions I associate with Seven Swans, when it happened. Tears started welling up in my eyes, then rolling down my cheek. I wiped them, and looked round, a little embarassed. But everyone was looking at the incoming Tube train. I boarded along with everyone else and sat down. I felt drained. I never quite expected this would happen, but I'm glad it did.
Tim Murray

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