Sunday, November 15, 2009

Noughties By Nature #58: Why? - Gemini (Birthday Song)

"I want a verb and you give me a noun". Now, Shakespeare's sort of touched on this linguistic imagery. In fact, I could probably name many more poets that have used a similar tactic in their own work (that's if I knew a lot more about poetry). But I don't expect your average modern day poet, not even the most rebellious of sorts, could anticipate themselves writing this next line: "What do you dream up, when I tongue you down?". Vulgar but beautiful, let's not forget that Yoni Wolf can be quite the poet himself.

And yet Gemini (Birthday Song) shouldn't just be famed for its words on sex (the joys of it and the frustrations of the lack of it, in this song's case). This is the most grabbing song on Elephant Eyelash, a truly eye-gouging attention seeker of a song. With its settled, streamlined guitar chords and yes, that slightly clich├ęd use of metaphors, you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a bog-standard love song. But Wolf's voice is unique and as mentioned, so are some of the lyrics and no matter how hard the band tries, it's unlikely they'll ever muster up the life-affirming atmosphere - growing and growing throughout - that does this wonderful song so much justice.
Jamie Milton

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