Thursday, November 19, 2009

Noughties By Nature #76: Clock Opera - Once And For All

A greatest song of the decade that hasn’t even been released yet? Well, I’m a blogger, and that means constantly searching for the new and exciting, so as the decade closes the music I’m most interested in is not what has happened in the past, but what is going on now and in the future. John Peel once said that his desert island discs would be ten records he hadn’t heard yet, and this is an ideal I share. End of decade lists are fun (and this list sure is fun) but the future is more important. Who is to say that Once And For All by Clock Opera is not one of the greatest songs of the noughties? Just because it’s only on a new bands Myspace page with over 1000 listens doesn’t make it any the lesser as a piece of music.

To create Once And For All lead singer Guy Connelly chopped and sampled sounds then spliced them together again to create a life affirming brain invading pop symphony. It’s a song that combines electronic textures and harsh beauty in a magical way that led to our blog proclaiming “We love Clock Opera more than our own children.” It’s about as perfect as you can get in 2009. Decade closed. Over and out.
Robin Seamer



if said...

I love the idea of this one. Great song too!

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Thanks 'If'. I wrote this little piece.

Maybe next year the song will be released as a single and then come the end of the next decade the masses will be proclaiming it the greatest song of that decade as well.

Ok maybe I am getting a little over excited here, but isn't that what music should do - excite you and move you in some way ? If a song doesn't emotionally connect its not worth knowing about ?