Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Noughties By Nature #70: Darren Hayman – Something I Could Never Be

Hefner’s masterpiece is We Love The City, dealt with elsewhere in this series, but after the band split and the under-rated French album was released, Hayman found himself embroiled in legal action with his former record label and unable to release more songs. This meant that songs were stockpiled and when the first solo record Table For One came out there wasn’t room for this little gem, which had to wait a couple of more years for the Dessert menu release before it saw the light of day.

Seemingly more personal than Darren’s other solo songs that tend to be 3rd person storytelling nowadays, Something That I Could Never Be is an insistent song that careers along at a fair lick as the words and thoughts tumble out and may well be about insecurity “I wanted to be something i was scared to be” or just a nostalgic look back into the past "There was a pub down the road, i drank their in my teens.... now the pubs at MacciDs". But is probably about neither.

What it has is a great chorus and some great chiming guitar parts and a sudden finish like so many great songs.
Matt Gaynor

[Album: Table For One - The Dessert Menu]

Get well soon, Darren!

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