Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Noughties By Nature #41: Mint Royale feat. Lauren Laverne - Don't Falter

Who would have expected the decade's best love song to come from as strange a pairing as this? The cross between the sweeping end-credits strings and breezy, pseudo-tropical horns and shuffling breakbeat work far better than it does on paper, while Miss Laverne swoons and sighs her way through some of her most charming, optimistic lyrics ("When you're with me, it's always summer") as if Kenickie never broke up. What's more astounding is that this is one of only two times she's been involved with a 'major' single in the last ten years (the other being The Divine Comedy's gorgeous, and remarkably similar-sounding Come Home Billy Bird): proof if proof be need be that, great though she is at that presenting lark, the pop charts are a sadder place without her around.
Alex Wisgard

[Album: On The Ropes]

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