Monday, November 09, 2009

Noughties By Nature #33: Snow White - Bored, Somewhat Detached

Perhaps the most defiantly runty of the decade's squalling angular litter, the late and disappointingly little-lamented Snow White were always too good for relegation to a residency at Nathan Barley's Nailgun Arms. Their comparative strength lay in a Sonic Youth-derived lo-fi sensibility, song titles like It's Not Art, It's Paedophile Porn and a preference for sneering over self-aggrandisement. Debut single Bored, Somewhat Detached sticks out like a spike through the floorboards, the recording's muffled and murky quality making the band sound as though they're being held hostage in a coal shed. Full of densely scribbled white-hot guitar overwriting staticky bass and a buzzsaw vocal drone, rarely has a song done so exactly what it says on the tin with such bloody-minded and furious aplomb.
Rhian Jones

(If anyone knows of commercial availability or a legal stream, let us know in the comments)

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