Friday, July 02, 2010

Closer than close

Bands with the same names is a well worn path. Whether Nirvana or Death From Above 1979, the Charlatans or the Detroit Spinners, Attack! Attack! or Attack Attack!, it's not impossible to imagine two sets of creative people travelling the same lateral path of thought.

But what about soundalike names? Two seperate artists attempting to live with themselves in some sort of blissful likely confusion. We're sure there's plenty of these, and for starters, welcoming suggestions, here's ten we've come across:

Battles: Avant-everything collective with high cymbal stand
Battle: Quotable post-punks who scrapped their album at short notice to re-record it only for nobody to care when it finally came out

Catatonia: Something Cerys did between booze-fuelled passing out
Katatonia: Swedish doom metal progenitors

Ladyhawke: Pip Brown - she's just like the 80s
Ladyhawk: Vancouver AOR revivalists

May68: Touted Mancunian electro-disco
The Mai 68s: Leicestrian C86-fuzz noise

Q And Not U: Defunct, influential Washington math-hardcore
Q Without U: Fried Glaswegian psych-popsters

Sky Larkin: Angular Leeds trio. We've heard their new album, and you haven't
Sky:Lark!: Margate-based hardcore contenders

Spark: Teenage popstrel promo, bigged up by Marina and the Diamonds and set for big commercial things
Sparks: One of the least commercial commercially successful bands ever?

Status Quo: Three chords and the truth
Stat Quo: Eminem/50 Cent-backed Atlanta rapper

The Temper Trap: Huge sounding Australian advertising favourite
Tender Trap: Amelia Fletcher's current tweepop residence

Theoretical Girls: No wave pioneers fronted by future guitar army sergeant and Sonic Youth prefigurer Glenn Branca
Theoretical Girl: Southend's Amy Turnnidge's nom du electro-pop

Surely that can't be all?

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Jamie Woods said...

Mansun Hanson & Marilyn Manson.
James Taylor, James Taylor Quartet
Cheryl Cole and Sheryl Crowe
Daniel Johnston and Danyl Johnson
Brian + Ryan Adams
The Glenn Miller Band, The Steve Miller Band, David and Ed Milliband.