Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Clearer skies

A long time since we've mentioned Under Alien Skies, the elusive Prestatyn duo having tipped our scales spectacularly back in February. Things have gone - alright, kept - quiet since, but we have a brand new track to share, which we had to get up online pretty much at first listen. Sonically? AnCo are there, as always an umbrella term for their beachfront sequenced weirdness in a descriptive hurry, but something nagging away says Yeasayer too (both albums). As before, though, nothing entirely sticks, not in description or in the texture of the track.

Under Alien Skies - Overseas

Right, one more old summer chart tomorrow, the playlist and Weekender stuff is busily being schedule posted, and we're off to Latitude for the weekend. We shall report back; in the meantime let us know if you'll be there too, and moreover who thought putting Dirty Projectors, Kristin Hersh, Jesca Hoop and Mitchell Museum, four artists playing no other festivals we're going to this year, on at exactly the same time would cause no angst whatsoever.

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