Monday, December 24, 2007

Golden streams

Or: thirty great YouTube clips Weekender and embedding have brought to your attention over the course of 2007:

  • Robert Plant and John Bonham befuddle Nationwide's Bob Wellings by not being the Beatles

  • The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band on New Faces in 1966

  • Here, it's all Mariah Carey and Queen. In America, singing-based reality show contestants perform Modest Mouse

  • Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford get a full Phantom Flan Flinger treatment after Chris Tarrant promises Kate Bush and John Bonham in the cage

  • Romo gets the Sunday Show once-over in 1996

  • The Tornados, of Telstar fame, hold a robot dance party

  • James Blunt on Sesame Street, and we'll have you know we featured this well before Popbitch. Or b3ta

  • Juno Award winning guitarist Richard Reed Parry

  • Les Savy Fav live last year, Tim Harrington finding a novel method of transport

  • Reg Kehoe And His Marima Queens, and their excitable double bass player

  • Amy Winehouse, 14, as Shakespeare School Play Actress On Right in a Fast Show sketch

  • Paul 'Hill Challenge' Coia recommends mucky videos to Morrissey

  • John Cage performs live on a 1960 CBS game show

  • The low-CGI way Radio 1 advertised itself in 1995

  • Kate Bush embarrasses the Swap Shop camera crew

  • A choir of New York fifth graders sing Chas'n'Dave

  • Proving you could once be a teen favourite with an act based on spectacular yodelling, Karl Denver

  • Jeffrey Lewis' historical songs and cartoons are always welcome: The Complete History of Punk Rock On New York's Lower East Side 1950-1975, The History Communism In China, The Legend Of The Fall and The History Of Rough Trade

  • Source of loads of classic Iggy images, the Stooges play Cincinatti in 1970

  • Jenny Lewis, 15, just lives for her hats and her trampoline

  • Nena, one of Trio and someone else record a reworded German language cover of Young Folks

  • Some baffling injokery on The Late Late Show gives way to a ragged, shall we say, Pop Will Eat Itself

  • The White Stripes perform to Chelsea Pensioners; London Tonight is baffled by it all

  • Pete Doherty, 18, takes the Umberto Eco view with Eddy Temple-Morris (a month before meeting Carl Barat, irony historians)

  • From the days when indie labels meant something, Ted Chippington, the Nightingales and Fuzzbox make up the Vindaloo Summer Special

  • Paul McCartney's guide to good mashed potato

  • Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers Britney and Justin keep straight faces through a particularly weak 'Himalayas' pun

  • Jenny Lewis is unsure how to react to the Paris Hilton sex tape

  • Thom Yorke adds a hitherto unknown slapstick element to Anyone Can Play Guitar

  • A young Bjork's Christmas message: don't let poets lie to you, and look after your electronics
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