Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tracklist: Yr Friends - How You Feel Every Night (Probably)

Yr Friends is Alexei Berrow on his own and... yeah, that'll be comfortably enough for Tracklisting. yr friends have been lying to you is a four track release, one of which is an Irving Berlin song. Berrow dedicates it on Facebook to "Equita, debt recoverers and bailiff agents for Birmingham City Council". Musically? Those who've been concentrating, specifically on the "country band with pretensions" circa We Left You Sleeping And Gone Now, will know his love for Wilco, Sparklehorse and such woozy lo-fi Americana, recorded straight to tape in small rooms with variously mixed echo, self-examining and finding the patient variously deficient, this track inspired by a Brothers Grimm story. As for JoFo? Album in November (same month as Los Campesinos!' newie), which might harbour 18 tracks.

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