Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tracklist: Ute - Brother

Eclectic AlcoPop!-signed mainstays of Oxford, Ute are a folk band but not in that way. The careful acoustic and plaintive vocal at the start may suggest otherwise, but as it sways and drums crash in every so often it turns into something less peaceable and more haunted. There's wordless choruses but layered and melodic rather than radio-friendly crescendo.

Brother by alcopop

And the other thing is Ute don't always sound much like this. Sometimes, as on the B-side, they get upwards of 30 mates along, including agents of the Blessing Force bunker and a number of Spring Offensive, and maximise/magnetise the backing for a proper communal moment. Photos were taken, and the CD is being released encased in a photo album. What did you expect from an Alcopop release, a jewel case?

Brother (Featuring Oxford Hearts Live) by alcopop

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