Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tracklist: Remember Remember - John Candy

Glasgow's Remember Remember, signed to the label of and having been tour support for Mogwai, share DNA with Tall Ships in the way their ever tightening riffs loop back on themselves and create an ever evolving Mobius strip of Steve Reich-meets-the-Kinsellas precise noise and confusion. There's little shred of post-hardcore here, though, more in hock to Tortoise's layering, buffeted ambient motorik and Brian Eno's ideas of pitching soundscapes. Building and dropping away to disorted, cymbal crashing peaks and from drawn out passages of anticipation while remaining fundamentally repetitious underneath, it ends by breaking through the white noise wall into a bliss marked by that same needling central conceit. Marvellous.

REMEMBER REMEMBER // John Candy (Radio Edit) by TheArtOf...

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