Monday, August 01, 2011

Tracklist: Pinkunoizu - Time Is Like A Melody

New signings to Full Time Hobby, Copenhagen's Pinkunoizu cite Akron/Family and Jim O'Rourke as influences, and it's in that core of experimentally freeform psych-folk they dwell. If the recording of the vocals will lead to knee-jerk Fleet Foxes comparisons (oh, it will, it will) the music around it - crosshatched rhythms, bits of kalimba, a wailing guitar solo, nods to Animal Collective's campfire oddness - is far from being able to tastefully restrain itself. Swirling and uncoiling and endlessly fascinating.

Time Is Like A Melody by fulltimehobby

Time Is Like A Melody from Pinkunoizu on Vimeo.

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