Thursday, August 04, 2011

Tracklist: Lana Del Ray - Video Games

What's this? This, the song of which Caitlin Moran says "when it's this hot all I can do is listen to this over and over again", is Lizzy Grant originally of Lake Placid, who fancies herself as the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra". Other accounts peg her as either the next big teasing shiny pop star or some sort of Nicki Minaj for red spotlights, and this video received a viral push from Skream, but her own description of "Hollywood Sad Core" will do for now. Styled like Bardot and singing like an ingenue, gorgeously gloopy cinematic strings rise and fall over smoky cadences with a hint of vibrato and a lot of love-as-dependency cares on her shoulders landing somewhere in the Feist/Spektor ballpark. Dark rumours circulate, by which we mean Guy Chambers involvement on other tracks, ahead of a planned EP in September but it's hard to see what she could more comfortably suit, slipping in between Cat Power's zonked-out reflectiveness and creamy Hollywood endings.

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