Monday, August 08, 2011

Tracklist: Runaround Kids - Can't Lose Lover

Sorry, is there some reason why the acutely interlocking indie guitar set aren't all over Runaround Kids long before now? Their debut album Linked Arms, out today and orderable through Bandcamp, is clearly hewn from the same streets as The Cribs - literally, they're also a trio from Wakefield - but takes them in the direction marked 'young noisy British band who mainline early 90s US college rock' - Copy Haho, Tubelord, Stagecoach, Calories. Basically they're Johnny Foreigner tour supports in all but actuality (further proof of possible connections: when we saw them at Long Division 71.4285% of Los Campesinos! were in our eyeline), and there's nothing at all wrong with that if it means a band of melodic vulnerability and fuzzy, straight to the point energy. It's translated into their raucous live show too, shown off tonight at the Bull & Gate with the hype band of weaker men Bos Angeles, then York Tuesday, home on Friday, Liverpool on the 20th and towards the end of August Leeds Festival as part of Thursday night's Dance To The Radio shindig.

Can't Lose Lover by Runaround Kids

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