Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tracklist: Artery - Civilisation

Artery appear somewhere back in the books when UK post-punk is analysed but they turn up regularly enough in turn of the 80s Sheffield retrospectives, had a Festive 50 number nine and Jarvis Cocker, who briefly employed some of them in Pulp's early days, once said of them "without their inspiration a lot of what took place in the intervening years probably wouldn’t have happened. Sometimes you see something and it opens a door somewhere in your head. I hope this does the same for you." This is described by the PR as "their first original material in over 20 years", suggesting they don't think much of their 2009 EP. Like the not dissimilar Gang Of Four's return album their first single after reformation, from a forthcoming album of the name, sounds more studio-bound and loud but little less spiky and darkly dystopian, Mark Gouldthorpe's proudly, pointedly accented lyrical barbs about recession, war, politicians and consumerism seeing only a darkness as the bass probes and staccato guitar richochets.

Artery - Civilisation by Bright Lights PR

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