Sunday, August 28, 2011

Theme Park - A Mountain We Love

Watch yourselves, wiry tropical-ish pop syncopated oddness with Talking Heads overtones is beginning to look like it’s going to be the new lo-fi shoegaze pop blogwise. Theme Park, a London band fronted by twin brothers, know their David Byrne, early New York/Ze Records early 80s disco-not-disco, Factory Records rhythmic dance and skew-wiff post-punk references and can put them all to use on this sleek piece of percussive dark nouveau post-punk. Conversely the other half of their double A side, Wax, sounds like Metronomy produced by Martin Hannett. This is out on new Transgressive spin-off imprint paradYse on Monday and they have dates with Summer Camp (whose Jeremy Warmsley has recently been producing further work of theirs) in November.

A Mountain We Love by Theme Park

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