Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tracklist: The Wind-Up Birds - In A Yorkshire Call Centre I Knelt Down And Wept

Only recently discovered this despite it coming out at the end of December - well, y'know, someone should have said something earlier - but they're a band whose northern bloody-mindedness endears itself to our ultimately pointlessly angered nature. Paul Ackroyd sounds much like Paul Hawkins of Thee Awkward Silences clearly-nowhere-near-fame (unless you read and digest every word of STN), his band sound like Art Brut stripped of the guitarists' desire to be in a hair metal band instead. Set against a good circling organ sound, finding a personal brick wall in dead end job hell leading to mental disintegration has never seemed more appealing.

The Wind-Up Birds - In a Yorkshire Call Centre I Knelt Down and Wept by Sturdy Records

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