Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tracklist: Hiatus - Insurrection

This is one of those late night smoky tracks that Mary Ann Hobbs used to play in the pre-dubstep frenzy days of the Breeze Block on Radio 1 where the atmospherics suggest laying back while the sentiment acts as a sharp pin prick to the senses. Hiatus is half-Iranian, Dorset born, Brixton resident downtempo producer Cyrus Shahrad, whose soundscapes touch on trip-hop's discombobulatingly chilled menace as much as dubstep's sub-bass. Spoken vocals come from the great Linton Kwesi Johnson, the longstanding politicised dub reggae poet, reinterpreting his own The Great Insurrection reaction to the SE5 race riots of thirty years ago marked in the video and hence its reflections in the modern protests etc etc.

Hiatus: Insurrection (Radio Edit) 11 April 2011 by AMP Publicity

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