Monday, March 28, 2011

Tracklist: The Angry Years - The Depressing Resurgence Of One-Liner Comedy

Unless something spectacular turns up on the usual streams, the next week's worth of stroke-of-midnight posts will see Tracklist introduce nine artists (two a day over next weekend) we've never written about on STN before, most because they're too new to have anything to write about them before now. For starters, we pretty much know about as much as you do about The Angry Years (assuming you're not in or friends with them, obviously) - London trio, have a neat way with a song title, influence claimed from These New Puritans, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (early), QOTSA, DOOM and De Stijl (the Dutch artist movement of abstract simplification, not the White Stripes album). They come across as fairly direct and relatively simplistic too, a seemingly bassless strut leaving plenty of space for some social unease from the mixed gender dual vocalists which breaks itself down halfway through and re-emerges brandishing a flick-knife. With this and accompanying track Dress Yourself As Someone Dead it seems here is a band willing to do things at their own speed and in their own coiled snake headspace.

The Depressing Resurgence of One-liner Comedy by The Angry Years

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