Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tracklist: Clock Opera - Belongings

The song that grows and grows from understated beginnings into a roar of the masses is a favourite trick of the ambitious, but it seems much more impressive if, as Guy Connolly does on this mighty new single out 9th May via Moshi Moshi's Singles Club, it doesn't go over the red limiter as much as gain depth, layers and texture. Clock Opera's 'chop-pop' is here put to use on something that begins life as a plaintive piano ballad and steadily adds shimmering, tinkling and glimmers of full orchestral score. Then, round about three minutes in, the drums break for the border and the melody and cut-up samples build and push against the wall before crashing through into something to emotively raise the roof without ever losing the thread. Stunning stuff.

Belongings by moshi moshi music

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