Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tracklist: 2:54 - On A Wire

Polly, Siouxsie, this is the world you've created. Seductive to the point of entrapment, slithering like something can't be suppressed, the two London sisters who are 2:54 are not to be messed about. Coming on at first like Curve without the electronics it could equally come from shoegaze and gothic revivals, quite the win double these days we're told, this debut single proper, out on something called House Anxiety on the 28th, settles as much as anything like this does settle into an unsettled creep around in the dark shadows of post-grunge. The menacing growl of the bassline, and the guitar, and the vocals, and the central line "I will find you", don't exactly make things sweetness and light all round, but it'd suit a decent smoke machine and a comfortably agitated state of mind.

2:54 - On A Wire by houseanxiety

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