Friday, March 04, 2011

Tracklist: Standard Fare - Suitcase

It was always going to take a special band to become the first to clock up two Tracklist appearances, and in their own jangly kitchen sink rom-dram way Standard Fare are that band, landing the honour with a between albums single out on Monday. Like any good indiepop band it's clearly time to break out the Motown bassline over the rousing, Field Mice-like forceful set to summer guitar line, while Emma Kupa's little girl lost in her conflicted thoughts vocal seems to be preoccupied with preparation for nuclear fallout. Presumably it's a metaphor. Also, guitar solo mini-heroics. See them tonight at the Lexington or next week in Cambridge, Nottingham and Leicester - check local press.

Suitcase by Melodic Records

Standard Fare - 'Suitcase' from Melodic on Vimeo.

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