Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tracklist: The Birthday Kiss - Can You Keep A Secret

So whatever did become of Wakefield's poppy-scrappiest, The Research? Well, here's Sarah Williams of minimal drumkit fame, sounding a bit like like Sophie Ellis-Bextor when she was in Theaudience and teaming up with the central trio of Leeds' cult indiepop concern The Lodger to produce something that sounds like C86-inflected bubblegum strychnine, classic pop that neither demands attention nor cares what you make of their cool as long as you're willing to swoon in a way that you thought only Swedish bands could make you feel.

Can You Keep A Secret by thebirthdaykiss

(EDIT: turns out they're playing their first gig at the ace sounding Long Division festival in Wakefield on 11th June. Also playing are Los Campesinos!, Napoleon IIIrd, Emmy The Great, The Wedding Present, The Lovely Eggs, The Wind-Up Birds and assorted other bands that seem to have been booked with the express purpose of getting us up there. Save us a place)

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