Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tracklist Extra: Johnny Foreigner - What Drummers Get

You know who they are. No sooner had the social cartographers of splintered Digbeth found another revenue source in European Disco - Collected B​-​sides and Remixes, 2008​-​10, a useful filler for your collection at a fiver, then we have a proper new release. It's a frisbee.

A frisbee with music on, somehow, but still. A frisbee.

Ours always got scratched up on beaches. This had better not be an adaptable 12".

Certain Songs Are Cursed - also half a concept of a Hold Steady song and the whole concept of an issue of Phonogram - is a four track EP out on April 18th via Alcopop. Let them explain:

One of the most cool and weirdly fulfilling things about being in a band is hearing stories from strangers about how your music has soundtracked various important moments in their lives; how your sounds are forever intimately tied into someone else's most awesome memories; their perfect summers, legendary roadtrips, first kisses with future lovers. We're flattered by both chance and choice. It's these happy stories of synchronicity that are sure to warm our hearts long after we lose whatever skillsets we have and the bayliffs kick the door in. Certain songs tho, are forever cursed. Think of your own; perhaps by chance it spoilt an otherwise perfect moment 10 years ago and still repeatedly pops up to remind you. Maybe you selected it yourself, to frame an event that never transpired. Maybe it just pure shits on your ears, and every radio play, or advert sync, or mentions by random girls about how the way he sings is like, so sexy tho, feels like god laughing as he punches you in the face. Whatever, calm down. you'd never select it again but it's out there, public property for ever, and permanently fused to that kiss that didn't, or that night you shouldn't have, or that awful time you...

Bailiffs, Alexei. No 'y'.

The frisbee is limited to 250 from Alcopop's shop, from where the downloads are also orderable, but be warned at least half of them sold out in the first two hours of sales. This is the first track. It starts with a moment of pure machine tooled blog-R&B-ese, suggesting backup to Alexei's boast that the new material was going to divide people. After a few seconds it turns into a Johnny Foreigner song, and you know what we think of those. At the end, proving their capacity for self-reference is infinite, is a bit that sounds almost precisely like the breakdown from Yr All Just Jealous played backwards.

What Drummers Get by johnny foreigner

Have we posted the April tour dates before? Ah, sod it. Take your sacred offerings of gin and weed to these places:

18 Wakefield The Hop
19 Aberdeen Cafe Drummonds
20 Glasgow Nice'n'Sleazy
22 Nottingham Bodega
23 Preston Mad Ferret
24 Milton Keynes Sno Bar
26 Birmingham Hare & Hounds
27 Liverpool Shipping Forecast
28 Manchester Night & Day
29 Stoke Underground

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