Thursday, May 29, 2014

Old, new and blue: J Xaverre, Beaty Heart, MOVIE

J Xaverre - A Guess, Rewind

Eleven years ago Pete Gofton put out These Acid Stars, a pop-format-screwing fried laptop folk album of quiet wonder. It's not fair to say he went quiet after that - in between then and now he released a further album as George Washington Brown, contributed to an STN compilation (as The All Golden), been in Frankie & The Heartstrings for a bit, done odd background duties on the Brewis brothers' various projects and, erm, been on Twitter a lot - but the name has been resurrected for a forthcoming album from which this track, available at a price of your choosing, emerges, the sound of irresistible acoustic summer pop spun round and round until it's so dizzy it's forgotten what and where it is.

Beaty Heart - Get The Gurls

The long gestating Beaty Heart album Mixed Blessings is finally out next week, and as a taster comes a track reworked from a version that surfaced in 2010 which with its tribal percussion and wordless vocals starts off like Islet on slow rotation, then throws in folk and vocal loops, sets the various layers off against each other and allows itself to rotate around various axes until reaching spiritual enlightenment. It does its job of creating intrigue for what the album will be like well enough. If you want to open your Christmas present early, though, it's streaming in advance.


First art school indie-funkers we've had for a while, the slow fade of Franz perhaps dimming the appeal and intrigue for a while. Their debut single is what you'd imagine Two Door Cinema Club might have sounded like before you heard them, an irresistably jerky beat to make pale kids dance. Classic throw-everything-at-the-wall self-made video too, potentially NSFW.

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