Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New band alerts: AUTOBAHN, Wakes, Nudes, Colour Me Wednesday


Another Leeds band who'll ruin their eyesight in those dingy clubs and DIY spaces their sound is set for, AUTOBAHN do as the name suggests have a motorik side but fall more between the first two Horrors albums with nods to the Birthday Party, swirling garage-goth heavy on the vocal reverb, pitched deep into the darkest parts of the psyche until the music breaks through into the light.

Wakes - Sidewalk Cracks

Lots of echo units employed here too, on the nostalgia-laced project by Somerville, Massachusetts' Tim Oxton that with a drum machine backing and subtle synth noises sounds like sepia-toned lo-fi surf being played through a cheap, slightly detuned radio speaker that's managed to cut away all the extraneous business. The ever reliable Shape Records are looking after the album Feral Youth, out next Monday.

Nudes - Crush

Coming to us via Art Is Hard's reputable Pizza Club, Nudes are one of Playlounge, one of Saturday's Kids and one of... someone else, and together they charge head down through the sort of stripped back, jerky wiriness that here resembles a lo-fi Wedding Present fed through a big distorting speaker.

Colour Me Wednesday - Sugar Coated

One suspects Colour Me Wednesday are too young to remember at first hand the Snakebite City series of compilations, which is a shame as, like The Tuts with whom they share members, their feminist-angled socio-politicised (their first single was entitled Purge Your Inner Tory) ragged round the edges indie-punk would have fit right in, carrying a lyrical weight alongside music made for jumping round a room to. This is from a forthcoming split EP with Spoonboy.

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