Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jungle, Talons, Horse Party

Jungle - Time

Since we last saw Jungle we've all leant who they are - just two blokes, really - and they've announced an album out July 14th. Less obviously set for prime-time than Busy Earnin', it still sounds like Return To Cookie Mountain as re-produced by The Invisible, which is a very good thing.

Talons - The Wild Places

Hereford's Talons pricked up ears back around 2010 with their dramatic and elegaic dual violin boasting take on post-rock. On the first taste of second album New Topographics, out 4th August on Big Scary Monsters, that's taken to the next level with movements that would class as Hollywood score-grandiose were they not so keen to instead lay waste to all the skyscraping noise monuments around them.

Horse Party - Inbetween

The US 1993 revival continues apace with a Bury St Edmunds trio whose new single from recent album Cover Your Eyes nods at the Breeders, flirts uncomfortably with the northen grunge revival and ends up in a grimy DC basement.

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