Monday, May 12, 2014

This is pop: Tuff Love, Deja Vega, Eugene McGuinness

Tuff Love - Flamingo

The Glaswegian trio, part of the Lost Map family, play three minute fuzzbombs not too far from a more blissed out Spook School, tracks that could have been anthemic had it not wanted to go and wander off amid the bracken for a bit instead. Also the video stars and is co-directed by Josie Long, which counts for quite something.

Deja Vega - Sleep

Bringing the Bunnymen brood to that whole nu-psyche explosion, Cheshire's Deja Vega sound like Kasabian if Kasabian actually sounded like the non-Gallagher bands they always cite as influences, screaming vaguely Middle Eastern guitar lines, driving basslines and not a little backlit goth.

Eugene McGuinness - Godiva

Having teamed up with producer Dan Carey for fourth album Chroma, out July 7th, McGuinness has returned to the twisty, scuffed up melodic guitar pop path of yore, taking a harmonic melody and subjecting it to distorted thrills.

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