Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Gulp, Summer Ghost, Ace Bushy Striptease

Gulp - Seasoned Sun

Two years on from Guto Pryce and Lindsey Leven first arriving among us with the still ace single Game Love and they finally have an album ready, Season Sun released July 14th via the fairly unlikely given the sound here offices of Sonic Cathedral. The near-title track really had to be held back for a time when the weather gets warmer, reminding us of a more analogue synth-friendly version of post-Lush duo Sing Sing's Feels Like Summer. It's summer happiness vibes all over.

Summer Ghost - Feel4Ever

Summer Ghost is Alexander Comana, whom some may know from leading Among Brothers, who has on this track from a forthcoming EP on Kissability now not so much cut loose as drifted upstream into layers of shifting, enervated electronic waves that end up hyperventilating while Comana sings like a haunted folkie. False ending too, or it would be had that bloody Soundcloud waveform not given it away. His sole announced date is tomorrow supporting Glasser, which is about the shape of it.

Ace Bushy Striptease - Winning Or Losing

Well, that's spoilt the titular seasonal mood. A little more slow burning and trumpet-aided than we're used to but don't worry, Ace Bushy followers, there's still holding-on-for-dear-life shouty multi-gendered cuddlecore at our collective service once more, from album Slurpt out through Odd Box on June 30th.

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